Virtual Boxer – Boxing Training Program – Boxing Game – Try For Free!

Virtual Boxer is a highly effective and extremely addictive boxing training program / game that can turn ANYONE into a spectacular boxer in just 5 minutes a day!

Virtual Boxer - Boxing Training Program - Boxing Game - Try For Free!Click Image To Visit SiteThis is just one slow drill out of 35 + 6 fights in 3 speeds that you get in Virtual Boxer (+lefty lite!) (New to boxing? Here are some Free Boxing Lessons Videos to help you out.)

First and foremost, Virtual Boxer will train you to instantly RECOGNIZE all the common punches and even combinations that may be thrown at you by an attacker, so you can easily see them coming and consistently avoid getting hit by them.

Using all kinds of useful 3-speed drills and fight simulations, Virtual Boxer will help you remember and organize your favorite defensive AND offensive techniques in your brain, so you can INSTANTLY pull them when needed.

Training with Virtual Boxer will greatly strengthen your cardio endurance, so you can last even longer without getting tired! (At the gym, in the ring, on the streets, in bed…)

Unlike training with real training partners who are seeking (and are also legally allowed) to punch you in the face and body, Virtual Boxer will never hurt you while training with it.

Virtual Boxer will train you in fighting against a southpaw fighter (a lefty) VERY important! (See the Southpaw simulator). Southpaw LITE comes with Virtual Boxer as a free bonus.

Virtual Boxer will help you achieve super elusive head movement and quicker foot work, so you can make sure that even fewer of your opponents punches actually hit you.

Using an audible trainer that constantly tells you what to do and what not to do in order to better your boxing, Virtual Boxer will shape and tighten your fighting style and make a more protected and dangerous fighter out of you.

You can use Virtual Boxer for getting used to fighting AS A SOUTHPAW (as a lefty) and also own the lefty advantage. PLUS, with the… Read more…


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