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(1) Message from Alexander - Manifestation MagicClick Image To Visit SiteTo help you to not just get back to normal, but THRIVE in this new world, I’ve put together a special RESCUE PACKAGE (this is in addition to your existing bonuses).

Bonus # 1: “10 Minute Earth Healing Sound Bath” ($47.00 Value, Yours FREE) – Just push “Play” to SURROUND yourself in the healing & safe frequency of mother earth (7.83 HZ). You’ll release fear, become a bright light for friends and loved ones, and “Synch up” with the guidance and blessings of the Universe.

Bonus # 2: Super Immunity Secrets: 7 research backed keys to balance, boost, and supercharge your body’s immune system ($47.00 Value, Yours FREE)- These are my “go to’s” for fighting off and staying healthy from colds, viruses, and other infections.

Bonus # 3: Surviving & Thriving After Corona: 20 Ways To Manifest Extra Monthly Income Streams ($47.00 Value, Yours FREE) – This special report reveals PRACTICAL ways you can use to quickly manifest extra cash in this new post-corona world (while old ways of generating income dry-up, these 20 new ones are more bountiful than ever).

Bonus # 4: Receive an ADDITIONAL 20% off. This means you’re now receiving a package worth $432.00 for just $37 (pocket change compared to the gifts you’ll soon manifest).

Based on feedback from members we’ve upgraded the entire Manifestation Program to create version 2.0.

1. New harmonic brainwave entrainment "pulsing". This helps the brain reach deeper, more optimal states for manifesting more quickly and easily.

2. The "hypnotic suggestions" are now more focused on the desires members told us they wanted the most help with. One of the biggest focuses is now on releasing fears around money. So, you can spend without worrying and trust that everything, including debts and bills are taken… Read more…


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