Comic Book Collection – The Ebook!

Comic Book Collection – the ebook. Learn how to enter the fascinating world of collecting comic books!

Comic Book Collection - The Ebook!Click Image To Visit SiteMy name is Dave Gieber. I’ve been a serious comic book collector for over 40 years and have amassed over 2,000 comic books.

I not only collect them, but I have avidly followed the comic book market for most of my life. Back in February of 2010, 3 comic books sold for One million dollars ($ 1,000,000.) each. I’m sure those figures caused your jaw to drop open — I know mine did! Their original price when they were issued was 10 cents. Not a bad profit, if you had held onto them or knew which ones are worth big money.

That’s part of the magic of comic book collecting. This isn’t your standard kind of collection. There is an incredible history here. Decades upon decades of people have happily collected comic books. Some do it for fun. Others view them as collectible comic investments.

We have grown up with them. We read about our favorite super heroes and their diabolical arch rivals, the super villains, their super powers, their sleek, other-worldly costumes. Comic books transport us out of ourselves and into a make believe land where anything is possible. (Some of us were reading these colorful little magazine-type books long before television was even invented!) Comic books are the stuff of which dreams are made of, both then and now.

There are new comics, old comics, and historical comics — all waiting and wanting to be collected. Each of them has its own, magnificent, story.

There has never been a better time to get started, whether you’re more interested in getting started for fun, or you plan on profiting big time from your own personal collection.

I think that this quote by my friend, Erin Scott, manager of the Allston Branch of New England Comics, says it best:

"Collecting comics can be fun. Hunting down back issues in row after row of bins, trading issues with other collectors via the Internet or mail, getting a great deal on that first appearance of your favorite character and being able to say you have the entire run of something is totally awesome."

It’s a medium that is not only visually colorful and artfully designed, but also weaves a mesmerizingly powerful super-human story.

Now, collecting comics isn’t for everyone, but if the quote above got your blood pumping and made you smile, it’s probably in YOUR blood too! Introducing…Comic Book Collection

A 68 page blueprint to learning the in’s and outs of collecting comic books for fun and profit.

You will be spending time and money on your hobby. Collecting can be as fun and profitable as you want to make it!

It would be unrealistic to believe that by buying comic books, you will become an instant millionaire.

It could happen, of course, but, unless you know what you have, what it’s worth, what condition it’s in and how to preserve your investment, you will never know its rightful value.

Do you have comic books you either inherited or bought, yourself and and don’t know how to see how much they’re worth?

I have come across many people who have no idea how to get started, and are desperate for help. That’s why I have decided to create the ultimate go-to guide on getting started with comic book collecting the quickest, easiest way possible.

I’ve left nothing out — this guide is dedicated to you. It will become your best friend as you delve into comic book collecting.

It used to be that you’d have to struggle to get started collecting comics. It was like a club you couldn’t get into unless you had certain qualifications or were of a certain age.

These days, anyone can get started collecting comics as long as they have the right information! You need to gain knowledge of the methodology of collecting comic books. You need high levels of information and discussions, as well as information on pricing and cataloging your own collection.

The point is that the web, and this guide, makes it easy! You can find great communities of support and a ton of information. You don’t even have to find any of it on your own!

Well, you won’t become an expert overnight, but, you’ll be a lot closer to it. It will save you a lot of time and money, because everything you need to get started is already laid out for you.

You can do it by yourself, but there is a LOT of information to learn, especially if you try to do individual searches for it. And, of course, the problem with learning that way is that you can’t perform a keyword search for something when you don’t know what that "something" really is.

You need an accurate, concise, and actionable guide, all put together so you can actually learn what you need to know rather than spending hours searching.

One of the most important concepts you’ll come to understand as a comic book collector is that of supply and demand. Many collectors are not familiar with this concept and do not understand why the comics they bought 5 years ago are barely worth cover price.

Does that sound like a problem you’ve had as well? Don’t worry — you are not alone! It’s key to be realistic with your goals. I will show you how.

You will learn how to enjoy the medium — not just because you want to become wealthy, but because you enjoy collecting comics in general.

There are few things out there that have a history as rich as comic books. Interestingly enough, the history and origins of comic books is actually a bit controversial. In this guide, we go deep into the history of comic books, from the cartoonish broadsheets of the Middle Ages, to England’s Ally Sloper’s Half Alley, to The Yellow Kid, and more.

You’ll enter a world where Buck Rogers, Tarzan, Little Orphan Annie, and Dick Tracy were just born. Famous Funnies will whisk you… Read more…


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