JillFitClick Image To Visit SiteProgressive resistance weight-training program for women who want more muscle, more definition and to look more athletic

Introducing you to the very first true muscle-building (hypertrophy) program I’ve ever rolled out on a mass scale, and it’s been a long time coming.

My personal journey in fitness has been riddled with over-exercising, extreme dieting and finally, a return to balance—less time and mental energy spent on physique pursuits, but more leveraged efforts.

I no longer need to be exercising for hours to feel worthy (or even to have a stellar physique) and instead have focused the last 7 years on prioritizing efficiency over sheer time in the gym.

We know that our workouts need to be on the shorter side for us to stay compliant. Workouts need to be intense enough to generate the results we want. And they need to fit into a busy schedule so that we can also have a life and not be a slave to the gym.

With all that in mind, I’d been hesitant to roll out a building program because I wanted to make sure it could be on the shorter side, while also being effective (typically bodybuilders spend hours in the gym a day).

I created what I believe strikes a balance with all of those things: time-sensitive, intense and also effective for gaining size and more definition.

The workouts are designed for "progressive overload," which means you’ll be tracking and increasing your weights as you get stronger and the weeks progress, with the goal of adding more muscle, while maintaining your leanness.

In addition to the 12 weeks’ worth of programming, you’ll have access to 10 additional 5-minute "burn outs" if you’d like more a little more sweating, breathlessness and cardio. These… Read more…


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