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Fatty Liver Case Study cb - Blue Heron Health NewsClick Image To Visit SiteDiscovering that it led steadily from fatty liver to fibrosis to cirrhosis and then to liver failure, a possible transplant or potential liver cancer?

Or was it the unexpected – and shocking – realization that, in fact, there’s no medical cure for fatty liver disease?

I worried constantly about how bad my fatty liver might become. How it might slowly progress into something far more serious.

Because whatever caused my fatty liver was only going to make it worse if I didn’t do something about it.

Of all the memories I have about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) two stand out most clearly:

I have to admit, the journey between having NAFLD and no longer having NAFLD wasn’t an overnight one.

And, a couple of times, I was worried sick about what the condition might turn in to. Because as I quickly learnt, it often doesn’t just remain as it is. If you don’t address it quickly it can lead to far worse – and potentially deadly – conditions.

When I eventually found out about it, well… That made all the difference, not only to my liver health but also to everything else.

Now my liver is fat-free – and it’s going to stay that way. Although when I first went to my doctor I didn’t realize this at all.

I thought anaemia or something similar might be the cause for my tiredness. The truth turned out to be considerably more concerning.

My doctor told me she suspected I had fatty liver disease. I was sent for tests and, a long story cut short, the ultrasound confirmed it. I had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. And everything that was likely to go with it.

I’d gone to the doctor feeling tired. I came out with… Read more…


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