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Nick Nilsson - Training eBooks and ProductsClick Image To Visit SiteOn this page, you’ll find a full list of every single book and program written by Nick Nilsson, the Mad Scientist of Muscle.

Get shredded while keeping your mass and strength. Crank up your athletic performance with these killer "monster" circuits.

Lose fat FAST…keep your muscle…and CRANK UP your metabolism with our powerful 36-day rapid-fat-loss program.

Learn these simple, 30-second strategies for getting a flatter stomach fast, without long workouts, or strict dieting.

Blast through ANY muscle-building plateau with the most powerful "shock" program in existence. Gain 7-10 lbs of lean mass in just 4 weeks.

Build muscle and strength like clockwork, no matter if you’ve got a full gym, limited equipment or even NO equipment at all. This programs works.

This revolutionary approach to building muscle and strength targets your underlying physiology to help set the stage for future growth and strength gains.

Every hybrid set has 2-3 times the muscle-building power of a normal set. Learn how to use multiple forms of resistance to magnify your results.

Get a stronger, more powerful, core… a rock-solid midsection and ripped six-pack abs with these incredible, new core exercises.

You don’t need a gym to get lean, get strong and build muscle. Maximize your workouts with these new bodyweight exercises.

Leg training gotten stale? These new movements will make your leg workouts more fun, more effective and WAY more challenging.

Arms are the showpiece muscles of your body. Get bigger biceps, amazing horseshoe triceps and forearms of steel with these new exercises.

Chest training is fun…and these amazing, new exercises will make your chest training even MORE fun…and MUCH more effective.

Build a wider, thicker, detailed back with these unique, new exercises, targeting full back development (upper… Read more…


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