Enzyme Concentrate

Enzyme ConcentrateClick Image To Visit SiteA proprietary multi-enzyme formula effectively works within minutes to break down organic soils. Like in our stomachs, the enzymes in the cleaner “digests” the stains and biodegrades it away. Thus, leaving the surface completely clean! This natural enzyme blend works differently than chemicals. Stain molecules latches ontothe enzymes and a chemical reaction occurs to efficiently breakdown basic stains and soil molecules. Different enzymes work to break apart different stains into smaller molecules: Amylases works to digest starch, Proteases removes protein stains, Lipases removes fat and greasy stains, Cellulase modifies and softens the structure of cellulose fibre on cotton and cotton blends. Mannanases effectively removes thickeners and gel texture in food and cosmetics from fabrics and subsequently prevent dirt from sticking to the fabric and Pectinase degrades pectin, which are acids residues used in most processed foods.

VERSATILE Completely eliminates blood, sweat, oil, makeup, red wine, mud, and countless other stains and odors. Effective on clothing, linens, carpets, and other washable fabrics. Safe for pet beds, litter boxes, etc.

NON-TOXIC 100% chemical free, eco-friendly and plant derived. Household chemicals are the #1 cause of health problems, emergencies and death in the home.

SUPER POWERFUL Professional strength and all-purpose cleaner that effectively works within minutes to break down organic stains.

SAFE Safe for colors, delicates, greywater and septic systems. Safe for your family, kids, pets and all living things with chemical sensitivities and allergies, yet still outperforms toxic chemical cleaners.

“It actually works as described. I put it on an area that has been stained for a couple of years. Used half and half dilution, saturated the half the stain and went to work. To my surprise, when I got home there was a clean spot. I’ve used MANY enzyme cleaners over the years and this one… Read more…


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