Joana’s Classic WoW 1-60 Speed Leveling Guides

Home of Joana’s Vanilla/Classic WoW speedruns and speed leveling guides.

Joana's Classic WoW 1-60 Speed Leveling GuidesClick Image To Visit SiteThanks for supporting my leveling guides! Lots of cool things are to come! You can login/order the 12-60 guides here! Thanks! ~ Joana

My In-game guide version of my leveling guides are still being worked on and should start to be available soon. I suspect that starting zones will be finished first followed by the rest of the content. It will probably take a number of months before it’s fully finished. But for now, the web guides are in really good shape to use.

What is this site about?? Vanilla 1-60 WoW was a huge speedrun project I worked on full time from 2004 – 2007 during the times of 1-60 Vanilla WoW. During that time I have produced a very useful 1-60 Vanilla WoW Horde leveling guide and a 1-60 Vanilla WoW Speedrun Video. Recently, I now have fully remastered my 1-60 Horde leveling guide for Classic WoW and have made a full 1-60 speed leveling guide for Alliance as well.

I am back making WoW speed leveling guides full time again! As of January 2018 I am now back on Vanilla/Classic WoW full time and going back to speedrun it some more along with delivering the most efficient speed leveling guides. I plan to remaster my old TBC and WOTLK guides in the future as well.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Twitch. My real gamer name is FuriousPaul, while Joana is the name of my WoW character. I will continue to use "Joana" for all my WoW endeavors.

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