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Learn to Count in 6 Day...Click Image To Visit SiteHelp super charge your child’s learning by using proven methodologies through a fast, fun and easy to use program.

Bright monsters is an educational platform focusing on improving learning outcomes for young children from ages 2 to 6. The key is to gain a love of learning, develop critical skills early so that they will not struggle at school.

Nearly all children who actively learn at home have a significant advantage at school overall. This also includes impact on social skills and positivism.

As parents take systematic and purposeful time to play and teach their children there is a substantial impact on that child to appreciate and associate learning as a positive experience. This process ensures that a child will look forward and thirst for learning at an early age.

The Early Years Learning Framework – the national guide for the early childhood curriculum – states that parents and families are “children’s first and most influential educators”.

Stop hoping your child will be successful, give them the best chance by using the right methods to get them engaged and addicted to learning.

By using videos and booklets together the child can read and count with you, then read and count with a cute Bright Monster.

Video, audio and hands on reading in tandem is an effective combination that helps improve retention and engagement.

It can be hard to help your child recall and remember counting. Flash cards can really help on a daily basis.

Worksheets that are colorful, cute and fun are most effective to ensure to hold your child’s attention.

Every worksheet activity is designed to focus on the repetition of learning while keeping it varied and interesting.

Creative and cute videos are an excellent way to compliment others tools, especially when they follow physical books the child can read… Read more…


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