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Click Image To Visit Site"I finally got my shop set up a few months ago and I’ve been grooming about 6 dogs a day. I’ve been following your advice to build up my clients and I hope to hire a bather in the next month." ~ Maggie J. Starting Your Very Own Pet Grooming Business

Grooming ProfitsClick Image To Visit Site"I finally got my shop set up a few months ago and I’ve been grooming about 6 dogs a day. I’ve been following your advice to build up my clients and I hope to hire a bather in the next month." ~ Maggie J.

Starting Your Very Own Pet Grooming Business Has Never Been This Simple, Fun, & Shockingly Profitable!

“When you consider the massive number of pets that need consistent grooming, it’s no wonder that pet grooming businesses are not only popping up in the smallest of towns (and larger cities), but they’re all having huge success at the same time.”

“Think of it like getting access to A COMPLETE & PROVEN BLUEPRINT for starting and running a profitable pet grooming business of your very own. Where all you have to do is take action with the information given to you – and nothing more.”

I’ve Been In The Pet Grooming Industry For Over 25 Years… And Now I’m About To Spill The Real Secrets To Success!

Introducing The Only Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide To Starting a Profitable Pet Grooming Business You’ll Ever Need!

Find out the exciting ways you can learn how to become a MASTER pet groomer that’ll make people want to do business with you. HINT: I’ll reveal my #1 recommended training method that makes learning simple and fun – no matter your current skill level!

How to pick the exact type of pet grooming business that’s an ideal match for your own interests! Yes, there are different types of pet grooming businesses, so getting this right is vital to your long-term success and happiness!

How to properly set up, organize, and structure your own pet grooming business in order to not only streamline your business, but to also maximize your own revenues and overall profits!

Feel like you don’t have the money to start your own grooming business? Think again. I’ll show you multiple ways to easily fund your new business from day one, as well as my most recommended “go to” funding method!

Location! Location! Location! I’ll show you where to setup your new grooming business in order to get the most attention and traffic from pet owners. You’ll be shocked at how many new business owners get this completely wrong!

Get access to a complete breakdown of all the equipment, tools, supplies and other key items you’ll need to get on the fast track to grooming success! I’ll show you exactly what you need, along with my personal product recommendations!

Discover my very own grooming business tips, methods, helpful advice and more throughout the entire easy-to-read guide. These ‘tiny but mighty’ tips will help you yield BIG results in every aspect of your business!

Learn how to set realistic expectations for your new grooming business from day one. This includes everything from the initial setup, to acquiring first customers, to monthly profits – and everything else in between!

How to effectively design and setup your pet grooming business in such a way that it makes it conducive for work, pleasant for customers (and pets), and creates a natural and flowing environment to fuel your success!

Find out how to not only locate and hire the absolute best contractors for your grooming business, but also how to make sure you get the best work out of them as well! Get this one thing wrong and it can ruin your entire business!

Discover the most lucrative pricing strategies, methods, and tactics that’ll help you boost sales, out-compete your stiffest competition – and do it all while maximizing the amount of profits you’ll make on everything you do and offer!

Get full access to a proven weekly schedule system that you can quickly implement in order to take in the most appointments – and in the most efficient and easy way possible! Scheduling like this has never been easier!

Want to take your profits to remarkable levels? I’ll show you the most profitable retail items you can add to your current services that people will actually want to buy from you! Watch as your monthly revenues take off!

Say goodbye to the typical problems, setbacks and roadblocks that plague the vast majority of new grooming business owners. I’ll show you what THE most common and damaging problems are before they happen in order to ensure your success!

Bookkeeping + Taxes? Don’t worry, figuring out how to tackle bookkeeping tasks and business taxes doesn’t have to be a scary and daunting thing to fear. I’ll show you the painless way to approach both that makes sense (no pun intended!).

Learn the most effective ways to not only grow and scale your pet grooming business, but also how make it thrive and become as profitable as possible – all while having the most fun of your life being your own boss and making great money!

You’ll discover ALL of the critical information above, plus so much more inside this exclusive (and jam-packed) 528-page instructional guide! Everything you’ll ever need to start your very own pet grooming business is included inside!

“I opened my own grooming salon after reading your book around 3 years ago. It has been a quick 3 years and my salon is doing really well! I’ve already got 2 other groomers helping me and I plan to hire more. My goal is to be as successful as you!! I know I can do it if I just keep doing what I been doing and keep following your steps. The info on how to schedule my salon is soooo helpful. Thanks so much for writing your book!” ~ Deidre R.

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