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Suggested Keywords ToolClick Image To Visit SiteIt doesn’t matter whether you’re an affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, PPC campaign manager, content creator, or e-commerce seller — keyword research is a critical task.

When a user begins typing a search query into the Google or Amazon search bar, the systems attempt to auto-complete your entry and return some keyword suggestions.

These tools produce PRIME keywords because they’re based on ACTUAL INSIGHT gathered from Google’s search results and Amazon’s sales.

Therefore, the value and usefulness of these tools is SEVERELY LIMITED by the tiny QUANTITY of keywords they produce.

The thing is… my business partner and I have been Internet marketers for the last 12 years. Market research, keyword research, and idea brainstorming are things we do EVERY DAY.

The main tools we use are the Amazon and Google "suggested results" search boxes. That’s because the results they provide are proven — time and again — to be incredibly relevant (which gives us a competitive edge).

What we wanted was a way to put BOTH the Amazon and Google suggested results search boxes ON STEROIDS.

You see… my business partner is also an experienced programmer (and has been for the last 28 years).

So, I came up with the raw idea, he planned it out, and then we both began a process of programming, testing, and refining our new tool…

(You can run the on-screen guide again simply by clicking the "i" icon. There is also a "?" icon for FAQ.)

In a nutshell, our NEW tool is for ANYONE who needs to generate quality keywords… or, ANYONE who needs valuable keyword insight based on actual Google searches and Amazon sales.

With the standard suggested results search boxes, if you start typing "lcd tv a" you’ll get this result:

However, our software collects the suggestions for ALL variations… Read more…


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