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Write Better Copy: Order Today - All Good CopyClick Image To Visit SiteDirect-response copywriting expert, Glenn Fisher, reveals more than 20 tried and tested techniques for improving your sales copy, starting with…

Whether you’re working on copy for a sales letter, a website or an ‘off the page’ advert – the advice I’ll share with you will help to make it more effective

In fact, I’d like to arrange a one-to-one copy critique with you so we can discuss how to improve a specific piece of copy you’re working on

But first, there’s a myth about copywriting and how people address potential customers that I’d like to dispel…

For years we study the classics, we build our vocabulary, we learn how to craft our sentences and paragraphs.

All through this period there is an unspoken suggestion – if you don’t understand what you’re reading, it’s your fault. It’s not that the book is difficult to understand, it’s that YOU are too dumb to understand it.

So you read more, you learn more, you waste your time working through impossible literature that means nothing to you.

Only problem is, if you decide after all this that you’re going to work in advertising – you’re buggered.

The first thing I had beaten out of me – and the first thing I beat out of any trainee copywriter – is the misapprehension that only difficult writing is good writing.

The crappy flowery language that ‘writers-to-be’ adopt in their early days (to prove themselves as ‘an artist’) needs slapping down. In fact, it needs to be slapped down, taken outside and then stamped on repeatedly until it resembles a Jackson Pollock painting.

When you’re hoping to sell something to someone who doesn’t really want to be sold to, you need to speak as simply and as directly… Read more…


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