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ProductsClick Image To Visit SiteThis spreadsheet has taken into account all of your costs as well as all of your income. It then will show you how much the property will really cost you. It will tell you your monthly and yearly expected income. It will ultimately give you your initial Return on Investment to help in your buying decisions.

Do you like improv? Do you want to try your hand at it?  Are you an actor looking for a way to improve your skills?  Do you have friends who can make you laugh?  Do I ask too many questions?  If you answered yes to the last question then you may want to play the new hit game Improv in the Basement.  With over 1500 idea cards, instructions for sample games, the ability to play your own games and tips on improv, you and your friends will have fun deciding "Whose turn is it anyways?".

This book will cover how to optimize your PC running Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 10.  This book does not cover any tips for Mac or UNIX (Linux) based machines.

Sales is a hard job. It is probably the most important job in any organization. Yet salespeople are usually underappreciated and made out to be the "bad guy".  After many years of training and helping sales professionals become their best, I have compiled this book with all the proven techniques for making the sale and to keep the customers coming back. No filler and no rambling, just the points you need to be a successful salesperson. An indispensable book for every sales professional to read Affordable enough for every sales professional to own Read more…


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