How to Become a Legal Videographer – Make up to 100k a Year without a College Degree! – What Equipment do you Need to Become a Legal Videographer?

How to Become a Legal Videographer - Make up to 100k a Year without a College Degree! - What Equipment do you Need to Become a Legal Videographer?Click Image To Visit SiteAdvancements in technology have made civil litigation more efficient and the legal practitioners who employ this technology more effective. Consequently, a corresponding increase in a variety of tech-laden legal support jobs has been observed in recent years. One such career is Legal Videographer. A legal videographer, also known as a forensic videographer or court videographer, is responsible for using video equipment to record digital images for civil court related proceedings. Recording depositions is how legal videographers spend the majority of their time. Depositions frequently contain exhibits that must also be recorded when necessary by the videographer. Sometimes, exhibits or evidence that has not been introduced as an exhibit will be filmed outside of a deposition setting; the filming of a damaged vehicle being inspected is a good example. Legal videographers will also from time to time record a legal proceeding that is not part of a case; will executions and real estate transactions fall under this category. The future is bright for those in the legal support field. According to, the employment of legal support professionals is projected to grow by 8 percent from 2020 to 2026, slightly above the average for all occupations. For those wanting to get serious about pursuing a career as a legal videographer there are a few steps that can be taken to maximize one’s chances at securing gainful employment in this niche legal support field. The most obvious question to begin with is “Who is hiring legal videographers?” Legal videography is really a niche within a niche when it comes to legal support services. Legal video is usually added as an afterthought when a paralegal is ordering a court reporter for a deposition; therefore court reporting companies are in a unique position to be the first movers in the legal… Read more…


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