Hookah Bar Blueprint – How to Start a Hookah Bar

Learn how to start a hookah bar without franchising.

Hookah Bar Blueprint - How to Start a Hookah BarClick Image To Visit SiteDear fellow hookah lover: ***Update July 1st, 2014*** The Vapor Lounge Blueprint is now included too!

Have you ever wanted to open and run your very own hookah bar? Have you searched the internet and found that little to no information about starting a hookah bar / lounge exists? Do you know if you build it, they will come?!

Maybe you’ve seen Hookah Bar Franchises advertised on the internet. My question is…why in the world would ANYONE franchise a hookah bar? If you buy into a franchise, you have to pay a 1x franchise fee, which can be $20,000+! Plus you have to give royalties to the franchising company (5% of your sales, PLUS 2-3% of your sales to advertising!). Why loose 7-8% off the top when you can do it yourself and have NO ONE interfering with your business. Owning a franchise is like working for someone else. You have to follow THEIR rules, THEIR practices and use THEIR suppliers (which they’re making money off of too!).

If you see the huge potential in owning and operating a successful hookah bar, and you’ve spent countless hours researching how to open one to no avail, then my friend, look no further…

Owning and operating a hookah bar is extremely fun, and extremely profitable. Did you know that most hookah bars make six (6) figures a year. That’s right, a six figure per year business that can be opened for less than you think!

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