The Whale’s Sports Betting University

The Whale's Sports Betting UniversityClick Image To Visit SiteMany sportsbooks in Nevada have placed severe limits on the amount of maximum action they’ll take from my wagers.

I’ve won so much money that a handful of sportsbooks could not afford to pay me on millions of winnings.

In the year 1995, the sportsbook at the Mirage was by far the largest sportsbook in Nevada. In that year, the Mirage took in about $150 Million in sports betting action. Out of that $150 Million, a total of about $70 Million in wagers were made by me alone. My wagers alone accounted for almost half the sports betting action of the largest sportsbook in 1995, and about one-third of the combined action in all the Las Vegas sportsbooks!

A major sportsbook director of one of the largest sportsbooks in Las Vegas has called me the best sports handicapper he’s ever seen in his life.

I opened an account at Pinnacle sportsbook with $50,000. In a span of 4 days, I turned my $50,000 balance into a $4 million bankroll!

So don’t just consent to play small. Today, I want you to begin dreaming big. Let me hold you by the hand and help you bring your game into another dimension. The Whale’s Sports Betting University will help you wrestle your sportsbook into submission and jumpstart your own Operation Money-suck.

I will reveal to you my top picks I’m taking each day so you can copy me and bet on the same selections I’m taking.

I’ll give you my full breakdown analysis as to why I’m taking these games so you peer into my brains and learn the powerful handicapping strategies of one of the biggest sports betting winners – ever!

All of my sizzling sports handicapping methods that you can copy… Read more…


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