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Entrepreneur SaleClick Image To Visit Site1nSourcing™ is an alternative (and truly exceptional) style of packaging and delivering incredible Virtual Assistant Services to digital entrepreneurs with online businesses to operate. 1nSourcing Entrepreneurs are members of the Virtual Workforce who have chosen to expand their business into hiring people to support them in their business, or build a 1nSourcing Team and provide a fully packaged service with a variety of roles that match their skill sets and client demands.

1.1 ESSENTIAL TRAITS The traits of entrepreuneurial business owners. 1.2 PERSONAL VISION Creating a personal vision through lifestyle choices. 1.3 BUSINESS VISION Fitting the business into your personal vision. 1.4 INTUITION & INSTINCT Using your inner guidance system best results 1.5 RITUALS Forming habits that accelerate your business growth.

2.1 THE 3S FORMULA Constructing your own 1nSourcing Service Business. 2.2 SYSTEMS The building blocks of your 1nSourcing operation. 2.3 SERVICES Providing services using roles, not tasks. 2.4 SUPPORT TEAM The Role Based System. 2.5 LONGEVITY Keeping clients happy in order to retain their business.

3.1 TECHNOLOGY Equipment you’ll need to operate your business. 3.2 BRAND How to brand your 1nSourcing Business. 3.3 WEBSITE The blueprint for your online presence. 3.4 SOCIAL MEDIA The social real estate and when to use it. 3.5 LEAD COLLECTION Mailing lists, growing them and what to do with them.

4.1 INTRODUCING How to introduce this revolutionary service to a prospect. 4.2 CLIENTELE Pinpointing the exact clients you’ll service as a 1nSourcer. 4.3 NETWORKING How to network to source clients for your business. 4.4 WIDE PITCHING Succinctly convey the awesomeness of your service. 4.5 SECURING BUSINESS Closing the deal with a 1nSourcing client.

5.1 COMPANY FORMATION Tips for forming your business online for… Read more…


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