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Business Training: Commercial  / Business Finance Consulting, loan broker training,Click Image To Visit SiteCommercial / Business Finance Consulting Will Be America’s Next Big-Business-Wave This big-wave will be similar to how the number of mortgage loan officers dramatically increased during the 90s when interest rates on home loans began to slowly fall lower and lower, and homeowners wanted to REFI (over-and-over-again) to reduce their high mortgages rates down from 8% – 14% to 3% or less. Nationwide, over the past 40 years, U.S. Real Estate values has been cyclical in nature with multiple bubbles and collapses. Now that residential mortgage rates are so low, the current demand for REFI mortgages is extremely low, leaving only new purchase home lending. Thus, the number of residential loan officers has dramatically dropped by 80% of what it was during the REFI Hay Days. Today, The Emphasis Is On Business Lending & Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Can you imagine how it would be, if you were there helping them to get it? And, in the process, earning thousands of dollars in commission (per transaction). What could be nicer? And, all made possible simply by you helping American business owners get what they desperately need to recover and go on. Even with 5000 new Commercial Finance Consultants coming on, it won’t be enough for what is actually needed. It will definitely require more to fully satisfy America’s overwhelming demand for business capital. It is estimated that this new "commercial financing boom" is likely to last as long as 12 to 15 years.

As of the time this book was written, only a small number of states required licensing to originate commercial mortgage real estate loans. These points and much more are covered in great detail in this training program. All your questions will be answered (and then some) with this dynamic training. Now, if you… Read more…


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