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Welcome to the Wall Street Kitchen! – Cherry is RedClick Image To Visit Site “Hey Victor, your mom’s advice works and I’m very impressed how much more knowledge I gained after your material. It’s some of the most valuable and sensible investing approaches I’ve ever seen.  Investing doesn’t have to be stressful with mom’s advice.  Psst, don’t tell my wife that I’m listening to another woman! 😉 JK!” – Christopher G, San Diego, CA

When my Mom casually mentioned to me one day that she had started investing in the stock market I was shocked and more than a little worried.

As someone who had a B.A. in Economic Geography from UBC and who is a member of the American Economic Association, the American Association of Individual Investors, I knew how difficult it could be to make money in the stock market.

Here I was with my “fancy” education and my Mom, with no secondary education, was getting better investing results than me.

What I discovered was this – her approach, which draws parallels between investing in stocks and preparing food for dinner, basically boils everything down into a few simple principles that anyone can follow to achieve stock market investing success.

I’m not ashamed to say I started using these principles myself and now I’m making more money investing in the stock market than I ever did before.

Mom doesn’t get caught up in using the newest and hottest techniques and she doesn’t believe that for an investing strategy to work it has to be complex. Instead she focuses on the tried and true techniques that have been proven to work again and again.

And here’s the best part, to learn from her you won’t have to travel to her home to talk to her.

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