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This investing for income system can help make your retirement carefree and full of fun.

Income Investing Secrets SystemsClick Image To Visit SiteThe media tells you the current bull market started in March 2009. March 2009 is the month the Dow hit its low point of 6,500, that’s true.

They forget to mention the old high was just over 14,000 in October 2007 – just before the Great Recession financial crisis wiped out HALF the Dow.

Therefore, many retirees and near retirees are now free-falling. When the market prices of their stocks go down, seniors have to sell more shares to pay their bills.

No wonder they feel sick to their stomachs when they receive their brokerage, IRA, 401(k) and mutual fund statements.

It’s likely many people you know are now wondering whether they’ll ever take that special cruise, give great presents to their grandchildren or receive the best medical care if they suffer a prolonged illness.

Chances are, nobody told them this could happen. They simply followed the mainstream advice to load their 401(k) plans, IRAs and mutual funds up with "growth stocks" to sell many years later at a huge profit.

Despite following the conventional financial wisdom, many senior citizens are now asking what happened to that worry-free fun and relaxation they promised themselves after a long career of hard work.

Many people in their fifties and early sixties are wondering when — or even if — they’ll be able to retire.

Many today wonder whether they’ll be able to leave an estate to their families or a legacy to their favorite charity.

The more you learn about the stock market, the more you understand basing your retirement on continuous stock market price rises is like building a house on the edge of a steep dirt cliff. Sooner or later, a hard rain will fall.

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