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Dave Skarica's Addicted to Profits Premium Members SubscriptionClick Image To Visit SiteYou have seen my free posts and probably have seen me in interviewers I have done. Now I want to help you step up your trading and investing game with access to my Premium Addicted to Profits Trading Service. We are seeing the start of big swings in the markets that bring opportunities by buying into the new trends now emerging and by betting against some bad stocks that are now dumping on market down days when they happen.

1. In a overvalued stock market you must be careful in chasing everything. So we will buy cheap beat up companies that can rebound no matter how the market does in the short term.

2. We will short companies that are in industries that will have a tough time adjusting as rates have already gone up and companies that have used financial leverage too growth through M and A or prop up earnings through buybacks as we feel that long term corporate interest rates are headed higher and companies using financial engineering will be punished.

3. We will use a put call option strategy with a roughly 70-30 put to call ratio in stocks that we feel have a chance to have a big move in either direction. Such a ratio will allow us to roughly break even or make money if the bull market continues or make a killing if there is a finally a bust.

4. The long term trend in rates is up. We have specific trades to profit from this trend (we put these trades on a few weeks ago).

I’m sure you have owned stocks before and watched them rocket up in value. You know the excitement. Last year was a great year. It’s a feeling I’ve experienced time and time again and so have… Read more…


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Click Image To Visit SiteThere are plenty of people out there trying to call the market, but no-one is getting it right like you. It is clear you have an instinctive uderstanding of the market and I find your newsletter a very interesting read for its social and economic commentary