Judgement Recovery Business Course – Small Claims Processing Course

Learn the judgement recovery and small claims processing business and start working immediately. Step-by-step to go from beginner to professional judgement recovery status.

Judgement Recovery Business Course - Small Claims Processing CourseClick Image To Visit SiteFinancial, property, and emotional damages are assessed and the plaintiff sues for that amount and restitution is awarded.

If the defendant loses the case, he or she is ordered to pay the plaintiff by the court a particular amount of money.

When a debtor ignores a judgment, the creditor must take steps to claim the money. So what can judgment creditors do?

The court system offers no recourse; once the judge makes a decision, the court has no further responsibility. Some creditors turn to attorneys, but very few lawyers are in the business of judgment recovery. The court DOES NOT ENFORCE COLLECTION.

A fee of 50% of the judgment is standard. You charge 50% of the judgment amount for every assignment, plus charge for accrued interest + all expenses. Realistically, you’ll be able to collect about 40%- 60% of those cases. WHERE CAN YOU MAKE PROFITS LIKE THIS?

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This exciting business that has a never-ending supply of clients in need of help. Billions of dollars of court awarded money judgments go uncollected. Strangely enough, the court is NOT in the business of enforcement. There is no debtors prison.

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