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Get instant access to a Proven strategy for getting More Fans, More Exposure, and Selling your Music online. Simple step-by-step video training that anyone can follow

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Musicians and producers in any genre can use this simple, proven system to get more exposure… more fans… and quite frankly… make more money …all without the need for a record label, and without spending an arm and a leg on promotion. Most musicians struggle to make their passion a full-time career, because (as you’re probably well-aware) the music industry is extremely competitive. There are millions of musicians all around the world trying to make it in the music business. And they all want to sign record deals. Not that long ago, record labels were pretty much a necessity if you wanted to have any chance of success in the music business. But these days it’s easier than ever for independent artists like yourself to promote your music on your own… without the backing of a record label.

You don’t need millions of streams… You don’t need millions of followers… You don’t need millions of downloads… In fact, you could be earning over $100,000 a year with just 1,000 fans… Especially if you ARE NOT signed to a record label.

This is known as the "1,000 True Fan" principle that was made popular a few years ago in an article written by Wired magazine founder, Kevin Kelly. This is how it works… First you need to create enough value that gives your fans a reason to spend $100 with you over the course of a year. Think merch, ticket sales, album sales, etc…

If your fans come out to one or two shows a year and buy a few items from the merch booth, that could easily add up to $100 right there. Or… Read more…


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